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There is a project proposal to extend the Motor Parkway(Alley Pond bike trail) from where it ends at Winchester Blvd, to the Queens Farm Museum & Glen Oaks Village. The path we envision would go through Creedmoor, The Padavan Campus at Glen Oaks, and through the Queens Children's Psych Hospital. The amazing thing about each one of those properties is they are owned by the Governments of NYS & NYC.

We think this would make getting to our greenway safer for folks from Glen Oaks and make getting to the Farm Museum more appealing for folks from Hollis Hills & Oakland Gardens. It would also increase the beauty and attractiveness of the area while increasing the fitness of residents and the awareness and appreciation of the history of the area.

Lastly, Nassau is working to reactivate the Motor Parkway in their jurisdiction - so this plan could potentially make it possible to walk/run/ride from Flushing Meadows Corona Park to Bethpage State Park. 

Here's our website
, you can get a few more details about our plan there. If you think it's a good plan, we would ask that you sign our online petition. 


With the Mayor's new Vison Zero project to reduce pedestrian fatalities from car accidents, there have been changes that can affect you.  The speed limit on all NYC streets is now 25mph unless otherwise posted.  There have also been speed cameras set up in our area where public schools face major streets.  A permanent speed camera has been installed on Eastbound Union Turnpike, just before the Cross Island Parkway. 

There is now additionally a permanent speed camera set up on Eastbound Hillside Ave between the Keyfood and Martin Van Buren High School, as well as a new camera facing westbound right outside of the entrance to the school.

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