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On the left-hand side of this web page is a useful listing of local, state and national government web sites. These provide you with access to a wide variety of services and information concerning
your neighborhood, city, state and country.

By clicking on any of these links, you can communicate with your elected officials, letting them know what topics are important to you. If a direct link to a specific representative's web site is not given, his or her web site will be included in their Government Agency's official site.

105th Precinct Community Meetings
Commanding OfficerInspector Jeffrey Schiff 
92-08 222nd Street Queens Village, NY 11428
Phone: 718.776.9090 

105th Community Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of every month (unless there is a holiday).  These meetings begin at 8:00pm.  

You need only two New York City telephone numbers
                           to access all New York services   

                                      Emergencies:            Phone
                              All Other City Services:    Phone 311


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